Thursday, 13 May 2010

PAN magazine wants YOU. Actually, that’s not quite true. What we’re after is your submissions.

PAN Magazine is a cultural biannual with a literary bent which includes the work of emerging and established writers. Each issue, we’ll place a small selection of poetry and prose alongside our articles, essays and photography - well der, everyone already knows that  by now...
Space is, as always, at a premium. We’ll consider stories up to two thousand words and poetry to fifty lines, although nothing curls our toes like some snappy mini and microfiction. Themes are open. Contemporary short story writers we love include Paddy O’Reilly, Nam Le, Cate Kennedy, Wells Tower, Anthony Doerr and Tom Cho. We admire inventiveness, uncertainty and tension; conversely, we’re wary of didacticism, deus ex machinas and melodrama.

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