Thursday, 14 May 2009

Glass hammers and the pleasures and perils of time travel

Returning from 1952 I hit a touch of turbulence and made a pit stop outside Nuremberg. It was decided amongst the locals that their cheese was in all ways superior to all French cheeses. I declined to taste the cheese and was cast out of space and time, I did not know the German word for lactose. Fortunately Spencer, Madam Squeeze and I had already made plans to visit Penrith which exists outside of space and time. My brother was there in a tuxedo playing the trombone with a glass bottle of cola at his feet. The band leader, noticing they were outside of space and time, had instructed them to remove jackets and ties. It was a casual affair. Shops with literal names were visible from all windows. Spencer was momentarily relieved. Last week he walked in Thaitanic expecting a pleasant ocean cruise but came away with chilli and lime stuck between his front teeth. It is important to note that Gareth Liddiard plays an important part in this tale.

I reconfigured the flux capacitor by wiring it directly to the Eye of Harmony. We reappeared at The Annandale where Gareth Liddiard sat perched on a stool. He began strumming at an acoustic guitar. The room fell silent and the crowd tilted their heads and set back their shoulders. You need to brace for this music or you will come undone. I tilted and braced but the onslaught was thorough. We all know he works with the geography of sound but I wasn't expecting such a terrible revelation. I've been hitting things with glass hammers.


Samuel Bruce said...

I must point that Eye of Harmony should be capitalized as it is a proper noun, there being but one Eye of Harmony which resides beneath the Panopticon Dome in the Citadel on Gallifrey and from which all TARDISes draw their power.

Dale Slamma said...

Why is it a proper noun?

Samuel Bruce said...

Doesn't it count if there's only one?


Dale Slamma said...

I don't know that's why I'm asking you. I thought this is the kind of thing that you would know seeing as you have an unnatural ability to recall rules of language and grammar and other boring things.