Saturday, 25 April 2009

Some guests don't dance no matter what

It's fair to say that Grizelda's guest was a tad surprised when Madam Squeeze started playing the Mexican Hat Dance and Spencer and I started dancing. We constructed an appropriate dance space carefully, first laying down Madam's hat then perched my miniature wind up Mexican American on top. The guest refused our offer to dance but to his credit did not run immediately out the front door of The Peach and onto the street never to return. I suspect that Grizelda might have been cross with me if he had.

We bagan sedately with my curious pokings on the accordion but things soon gained momentum. Spencer decided to play all of Revolver, from memory, on guitar. Madam Squeeze joined in on accordion, I located some maraccas and fashioned drumsticks out of chop sticks and before anyone knew what happened we were up to The White Album which strangely took a turn for John Williams and The Peach's spontaneous pre-dawn service but good lord is that the time. I have to be up very soon.


R said...

I wanna party with you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun but why did you have an accordion?

Dale Slamma said...

R. You'd be welcome in The Peach anytime.

Anon. The accordion belongs to Madam Squeeze who squeezes it in order to make music and money. If you see her busking you should give her money, lots of money because she is very very good.