Friday, 20 March 2009

Vote now

I met Spencer and Madam Squeeze on the steps of a church. Spencer was wearing eyeliner and Madam Squeeze was laughing about it. I think more men should wear more eyeliner more often but I guess that's a little hypocritical of me seeing as I never wear the stuff. Spencer also had traces of lipstick in his moustache. The makeup was leftover from yesterday, Spencer explained it was proving difficult to scrub off. He'd been wearing a dress and dancing in the dark for a music video for a friend's band. The theme of the video seems to have been transvestite zombies.

The three of us set about the serious business of lounging around the coffee houses of Newtown until well after midnight talking over things trivial, important and necessary. They are the parliament houses of my life, long live the coffee houses of Newtown.


Creamboy said...

Did you see that garden created by the Guerrilla Gardeners?

Each episode is so exciting how they tell us every two minutes how illegal what they're doing is and how they're totally about to get busted, yet it never happens despite being broadcast on national television. Maybe they're just mastermind criminals?

Dale Slamma said...

Is it that lame gazebo that no one ever plays in?

I haven't seen the show but I've heard about it. It sounds lame, real lame, like something that someone lame thought of.

Gempires said...

It is lame. I only watch it cos I kind of know one of them. I think it's a good idea to make spaces more interesting and lovely, but they way they hype it up is just dumb.

Russell Brand wears eyeliner. Most excellently. Was he wearing eyeliner when you saw him on King St? Was he wearing women?

Dale Slamma said...

He was wearing eyeliner and a bodyguard who kept the people away. Spencer said he saw him further up the street where he waved the bodyguard away and let the people hug him.

Gempires said...

Did anyone hug the bodyguard? I feel a bit sorry for him.