Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Brush, juice, grape, awesome

There was much discussion about unmint toothpaste last Sunday afternoon. I was sitting in my cafe with Spencer, Madam Squeeze and most of the members of Psychonanny and the Babyshakers. The singer has taken to sporting a green supermarket shopping bag as a handbag and I find myself strangely drawn to the fashion.

The non-Simon guitarist was very pleased with the idea of unmint toothpaste. He said that he once had a tube and it was a revelation. He drank orange juice every morning immediately after brushing his teeth, with no ill effects. He assured me that unmint toothpaste also allows for the immediate post-brushing consumption of grapes. I am entering a reasearch phase, I will find this toothpaste if it is the last thing I do.


TimT said...

Please fill us in on your ongoing investigation. There are those amongst us who would pay big money for such an item.

I would also, personally, be very interested in finding a brand of margarine without the food colouring which makes it yellow. Apparently it's ordinary colour is grey, but was changed to yellow so it was a more obvious substitute for butter.

Personally, I'd usually opt for a grey tablespread.

Dale Slamma said...

18 flavours! 18 flavours of toothpaste.


TimT said...

It's like the seven colours of the rainbow, but better...