Monday, 22 December 2008

Improbable impromtu partakings

Gemma came to stay at The Peach so we made with the merry. The first night we saw Spencer play us some rock which was grand but the second night The Peach threw open its doors for an impromptu party of unreasonable excellence. Retro from The Hive made a special guest appearance for dinner which was super but perhaps the real star of The Peach was the frozen cocktail machine that was improbably produced out of thin air for our drinking pleasure. There is photographic evidence but it is inside The Spatula's camera.

At one point in the evening Gemma took an extensive photographic survey of The Peach Bathroom, this was before we sensibly decided that what Superman does in the shower, besides washing, is practice Elvis karate.

The impromptu party was wildly succesful. We took turns at singing songs using a cheese encyclopedia to supply alternative lyrics. Spencer played themes from 80's television shows on Superman's guitar, Gemma knew all the words. The police snuck down into The Cowboy's backyard and shone torches up at The Peach Deck. We weren't sure what they wanted so we just sat very still until Gemma jumped up and said hello. They wanted us to be quiet which is exciting, we've never been shut down by the police before.

This evening, reflecting on the weekend's events, I became so happy that I invented a new kind of dance.


NWJR said...

I tried to make Merry once, but Merry's husband wasn't too happy about that.


Gempires said...

It is an exciting thing to discover that a party is suddenly happening around you when no such party was expected or planned. It is a funny thing that such impromptu merriment turns out better than a party for which lists are created, recipes are sought, extra chairs are procured and invitations duly sent.

I suddenly remembered telling the whole table about Uncle Kev and how he vomits onto his own shit because it stinks so bad and how I am grateful that we no longer spend xmas with Uncle Kev.