Sunday, 9 November 2008

Parachute or I have a temporary spray on pirate tattoo or Superman buys new and exciting hat

Dave Graney reckons that it can't be a jumpsuit if its got pockets but I stopped thinking about this as soon as Christos Tsiolkas appeared on stage in the writers' tent. Writers have a tendency to hold themselves too tightly but Christos was generous, articulate and kind. He signed my book and I felt ridiculous but happy as I walked away and around a corner to perform a happy dance of happiness.

Its been a marvelous jumping as though from lily pad to lily pad. There is an infinite variety of possibilities here in my small existence. Spencer fell out of a window at Paquita and Mona's flat on Friday night. He landed on an awning, was unharmed and spent the rest of the party being most popular with the ladies. I ran about like an aeroplane in Mona's stadium sized bedroom, had several interesting conversations with strangers and attempted to recruit a new Failed Ant Farmer. To assist with my recruiting I gave the man my card, he turned it over in his hand and said "There are no phone numbers or addresses, just your name". I said yes, because that is how I planned it.

Madam Squeeze did not win the busking competition at the Newtown Festival despite my excellent clapping and cheering. I was disappointed until I acquired my very own first ever spray on temporary tattoo of awesomeness. I can not believe it has taken me thirty one years to realise my temporary tattoo dreams. The photo, whilst not entirely excellent, demonstrates my extreme joy on this grand occasion.

Tea cups bookend days. Grizelda sheltered her sunburnt self indoors but Spencer, Madam Squeeze, Superman and I sat under mulberries and stars wearing hats and trying very hard not sing Eye Of The Tiger.


NWJR said...

They'll stack the odds 'til we take to the street

For we kill with the will to survive.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

I saw Christos Tsiolkas on the 86 tram last year trying to work the ticket machine which wasn't working, and I helpfully told him it wasn't working and then said something embarrassing and gushy like "You're Christos Tsiolkas! I love you!" And he was really very kind and let me keep talking to him for the next twenty minutes.

Gempires said...

what photo? where is this photo?

Dale Slamma said...

Have now included photo. Sorry about that was very tired and when typing, must have imagined including photo.

Dale Slamma said...

No more singing Eye of The Tiger. It has been banned from The Peach and that includes this computer that is in The Peach.

I am jealous of your Christos tram encounter. That would have been grand.