Monday, 11 August 2008

Things what will burn

First imagine a cheesy bossa nova casio keyboard style beat, now add acoustic guitar. Got it? Good now pause and say "Shit what will burn!". That's the theme tune to my imaginary television show called "Shit What Will Burn". Spencer, Madam Squeeze and I had our first imaginary taping of the show last night. We sat in front of the fire, I held up an object, Spencer played the theme tune then Madam and I said "things what will burn". I then placed said object into fire.

So far things what will burn include newspaper and the cardboard wrapper from a block of chilli chocolate. Good progress in imaginary television land with all the necessary typewriter isolation.


NWJR said...

Have you seen this?

Anonymous said...

Thank god you didn't actually burn the chilli chocolate. That would introduce a religious slant, and I don't like watching religious shows.

Dale Slamma said...

Glow sticks what will burn?

Why would I have a religious television show? Why would religion involve burning chocolate? Very odd.