Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Shutting down Slammatown

Yeah. I was going to wait until moving day and then change to a new blog for, you know... change etc.

Fresh start.


I fucking hate waiting.

I'm closing this chapter early. We've begun dismantling The Peach, stripping out cupboards, throwing out junk, deciding which furniture to take with us to the new house. The Peach is in a wreck and I love it. There is stuff everywhere. Mountainous terrain in the lounge room and hallway. Never has getting to the kitchen been such an adventure.

I was waiting to find the words to sum up my time in The Peach. I was waiting but I've given up. If I don't know by now then I'll never know. This is an old case of show don't tell, there are thousands of words already here. Read them if you can be bothered. I probably won't.

I'm going to let this chapter slide gracefully backwards into memory and highlight reels of bad and good and struggling to recall in just which rooms squares of sunlight slid across the floor. I feel all right about that.

You can follow me if you'd like to, the new joint is locked for now, while I look around and see what I might become. Try in October, you'll probably find the door unlocked.

Over and out.

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Vanessa said...

I look forward to the new Slammatown (is it still a town? Slammacity? Slammaburb?). I've enjoyed this blog greatly. Sorry to hear about the haters. A curse on them.