Monday, 10 January 2011

Peachette Detective Agency

Mysteries are generally quite easily solved, when you have the right people on the case, like me for example. I decided to open my detective agency some weeks ago but I've been waiting for a good case. Vanessa Berry offered me my first case but I declined due to the unsolvable nature of the mystery. It was a cold case involving private jets, telephones and Big Ben. I hope that someday the culprit will be found. If you have any information that might assist Vanessa with her enquiries please write to Vanessa at PO Box 1879, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012 Australia.

Now for the case I have agreed to take on.

Case #1: Searching for Nick of Camperdown

Have you seen this man?
  I am charged with finding a man named Nick. Nick once bought a   young woman, not me, a vegie burger in a busy place somewhere  south of Sydney. 

 Here are the known facts:
Nick ordinarily resides in Camperdown, he hopes to one day write a   novel exploring solitude and existential dilemmas, this is not what he is doing for work right now. Nick sometimes drinks at the Courthouse   Hotel in Newtown and is thirty six years old.

Distinguishing physical characteristics at time of burger purchase
  • a hat
  • a beard with one small white patch where no colour grows
If you know of Nick's whereabouts please contact Dale Slamma at The Peachette Detective Agency.
PO Box 1003, Newtown, NSW 2042 Australia, or by email.

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