Sunday, 7 November 2010

Fist City

I had some interesting information from a friend of mine tonight. Originally him and his group of friends were Artboy's classmates at uni. My friend was telling me tonight that he was glad we are friends now, he said he didn't think he would ever be a friend of mine because of what Artboy told him way back when, all those years ago. Apparently Artboy's uni friends thought I was pretty awesome when they first met me and they told Artboy so but here's the interesting part.

Artboy told his friends that he was surprised I even talked to them, that I was prepared to be polite to them but I'd never let any of them in, not really. I think its time for some rule breaking, seeing as I am The Captain of What I Do and also it is three in the morning and I have just arrived home from The Townie (no one tell my mother).

Fuck you Artboy. Retrospectively fuck you.

Just as a side note I have discovered a new way to dry my hands with those loud air-blaster thingy-whatsits they have in public toilets. A foolproof method for actual hand dry-making rather than just standing in an unpleasantly loud and gusty place for twenty seconds but leaving with wet hands despite best efforts. All things considered this evening was triumphant.


Karen said...

Isn't there a rule against leaving a tantalising hint of life-changing information on a blog?
I AM INVISIBLE TO AIR BLOWING HAND SO-CALLED DRIERS! Really. I stand with my hands under the seeing-eye hand-detector. I wave them about. I wring them. And then I wring them some more. And leave with wet hands.
What is your secret (assuming the machine detects your hands in the first place) for impeccable drying action?

Dale Slamma said...

I don't know how to help with the invisibility problem. Suggest making horizontal panning motions.

Karen said...

Horizontal panning motions. Okay. Thank you.