Thursday, 3 June 2010


Yesterday I was lounging attractively in my club. I was working out a new scheme to ensure my success as sheriff of Area 5 while the clientele ogled me appreciatively, but not without fear, when suddenly. Wait that wasn't me, that was Vampire Eric. Yesterday I was sitting on a bus eating licorice allsorts, the big ones you can pull apart with your teeth when suddenly, well nothing actually. Suddenly nothing. I was sitting on the bus in the pouring rain eating licorice allsorts on my way to the bookshop when nothing happened.

This has been yet another interesting update from Slammatown.


TimT said...

Eating licorice allsorts is always interesting.

Dale Slamma said...

You got that right.

Gemanations said...

Ew. Licorice allsorts? Ew.