Monday, 8 March 2010

Let's bite the hand that feeds, hard

I haven't laughed that hard in ages, at first I kind of spluttered out of a grin into strange noises but before I knew it Madam Squeeze and I were holding our bellies and laughing as hard as we could. We were laughing at The Big Pink. They stormed the stage and proceeded, very seriously, to stand on the foldback with fists in the air. They tried to be serious rock stars but they failed. They are the worst band I've seen in ages, even the stupid banjo busker guy from outside the Enmore IGA is better than The Big Pink and I really hate that guy.

I was at The Metro laughing at The Big Pink on behalf of RHUM, who sent me to write a review of the show. I was thinking, this is a gift, a band hasn't given me so many outstanding and hilarious bad points in a very long time. I was thinking that until I got home and noticed that the RHUM website is covered in 'RHUM loves The Big Pink' hype. This is going to be interesting.

The excellent editor of RHUM has in no way ever tried to influence my reviews, not ever.


Geoff said...

Go on, do it. It's liberating. In one of my reviews for MTV I advised readers to punch in the face anybody who bought a certain record. They still published it.

Dale Slamma said...

Golly, what was the record?

Geoff said...

The fine debut offering from Soulja Boy. It was the fact that his publicists had the temerity to compare him to Michael Jackson (pre-mortem) that really got under my skin. Sadly it doesn't seem to still exist in the interwebs. But my second-favourite virulent review is still there, the one where Citysearch for prudent legal reasons excised the last sentence where I exhorted people to burn down shops that were stocking this album.!3:+Want

Dale Slamma said...

That was quite wonderful. I dearly hope they read it.