Sunday, 7 February 2010

I will fight you on the beaches

In 2007 I performed a Home Hitler Self-Test by attempting to grow a moustache and burn books in the fireplace in the library. Tomorrow I will perform a Home Churchill Self-Test by eating breakfast in bed, running the nation's war efforts from the bathtub, taking a nice walk, drinking cocktails before, during and after dinner before retiring to bed chamber by 11pm. Wish me luck.


TimT said...

Hmmm, to be accurate shouldn't the title be 'I will fight you on the Peaches'?

Good luck. What are the results?

Dale Slamma said...

The test was a miserable failure. First I left the house fully dressed after making my own breakfast in the kitchen. I worked all day in a non-war office and then returned home only to eat leftovers from the fridge and stay up past 11pm. Conclusion: I am not Churchill.