Monday, 25 January 2010

He might just be a rascal but he sure can run on the spot

I love having seven jobs either that or I'm just overtired due to Big (stupid) Day Out and Peaches. I'm now writing for RHUM as well as Liveguide, PAN etc.

My Big (stupid) Day Out

I felt like an egg in an outdoor paint commercial, if I stood in the sun for one more second I was going to drop to the ground and fry like somebody’s breakfast. The heat made the whole day feel mediated and distant, even standing in the moshpit at The Mars Volta I felt like I was watching a band on television from the inside of an oven.

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Gemanations said...

Oh Slamma that review is the best thing to ever come out of RHUM. You perfectly nailed the balance between musical commentary, and unabridged revulsion at the atrocity the BDO has become. I admonish you for doubting that you were suitable, and I urge you to do more of these. RHUM can get you in to smaller, more hospitable gigs which frown upon gen Y coin and beer throwing. Just keep an eye out and make requests to Raq ahead of time - she's a genious at pulling strings. x BRAVO!!!