Thursday, 1 October 2009

I've lost that and now it's gone

Newtown can turn on you, offer one of those knife-edge shoulder blades poking out of the backs of things. I knew this but I don't think Newtown knew that I would turn on her. I saw Gemma today and she said she thought I'd been turning on Newtown for a while now, figured out the code while I slept by night.

He started out speaking words and those stupid proclamations people utter before they realise what the worst is and that it sometimes happens to you, it made more sense than I'd care to admit. He rotated a hung apple until the worm hole hit the light.


Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Are you moving to Melbourne already? There's not much water, and the bay's a limping puddle compared to the harbour, but it's got excellent graffiti.

Dale Slamma said...

No, not yet but one day I think I will. I might have a crack at being OTB before I leave Sydders entirely.

Aleksandr Hearst said...

Cross over to the bright side!
('The bright side' being 'over the bridge')

Dale Slamma said...

Can I bring Newtown with me?