Tuesday, 15 September 2009

There's lipstick on my microphone

Dear Australian Tax Office,

Your late processing of my tax refund has prevented me from buying a ticket to see Elvis Costello, please register my extreme disappointment and the inevitable uncomfortable listening that I will have to do outside the Enmore Theatre. Happily the theatre is extremely close to my house, unhappily this is not because of you. You will receive no credit for the proximity of my private residence from the above mentioned venue.


It is telling that I am frightening people on buses by grinning like a Cheshire cat despite having to stand outside to listen to Elvis Costello, whom I love and will not be persuaded otherwise, not by anybody. You will not receive any credit for my current state of general elation, sincere happiness or abiding love for Declan MacManus who is an actual songwriter and not just a man who wanders about with a guitar case full of a guitar and an empty heart clutching at three achingly average incomplete songs.


Anonymous said...

i'll sit outside with you.
you bring the tea, i'll bring biscuits


Dale Slamma said...