Monday, 7 September 2009

The opposite of thorns on a rose

I want to watch somebody die, see that flat-pack end of them. I've seen the crash, click and climb of most things, spider-legged horses breathing out the last of their tree-strength, a new woman slide out of a torn vagina but not that bitter end. You can blame science if you like, both sides now, I want to discover just why we are supposed to operate as the exact opposite of thorns on a rose.


Anonymous said...

I have never watched a person die, though I did visit my great uncle Lewis a few hours before cancer K.O.'ed him.

It's a surreal feeling kissing someone goodbye when you know it's the last time you'll see them alive.

In his youth he had been Australian middleweight boxing champion and a moderately successful criminal.

He taught my Nan how to steal chickens from the market place when she was four years old. He taught her how to read and draw, about Hiawatha and Houdini, and how to throw a good right hook. When he died a whole world disappeared.

One of my last memories of Uncle Lew is him lying in his hospital bed, his body tense and curled-up like a fist.

Madam Squeeze

BarOfSoap said...

wow. that's sad, awesome and beautiful. i'd like to one day teach my wife to steal chickens...