Friday, 26 June 2009

Double celebrity death day 2006

I was mildly saddened at the demise of Michael Jackson but then I was angry that people were saying that his death upstaged the death of Farrah Fawcett. It is a strange idea, that even your death will be a ratings competition, then I remembered the last Double Celebrity Death Day, 4th September 2006. This is the day that Colin Thiele died and also Steve Irwin. You should go and read Colin Thiele's excellent books despite his death losing the ratings race. If you don't know who the hell I am talking about then start with Storm Boy.

Actually turns out a whole lot of people died today. Sky Saxon and the guy Spencer P Jones said no one was allowed to say anything about because he was too sad.


Anonymous said...

the man no one can mention is Maurice Frawley, look him up. was in some interesting bands.

Anonymous said...

... also, Maurice died a few weeks ago. not that the timing matters.

Dale Slamma said...

Right ok then. My chosen dead celebrities are Colin Thiele and Maurice Frawley.