Saturday, 18 April 2009

Who am I?

The clues:
  • Very tall
  • Has too much hair
  • Spaz dances to Ra Ra Rasputin whilst rolling cigarettes
  • Wears bandannas on their head
  • Has an unabashed love for ponies and The Man From Snowy River
  • Encourages people to smoke too many cigarettes
  • Likes to play the drums
  • Does not like football
  • Proudly displays their inner dork


Anonymous said...

Er... Its you Dale.

Dale Slamma said...

Incorrect! (well correct in that I also do all of those things but it's not me)

Grizelda said...

oooo.. I know! But that could be because I have insider information. I shall not speak a word!

R said...

"Dr. Teeth" from the Electric Mayhem Band?

Anonymous said...

Animal was the drummer, silly.

Dale Slamma said...

I love Dr Teeth but I think Rowlfe is my favourite muppet musician and neither are the person in question. Did that make sense? I am drunk and can not tell. Good lord that was one hell of a party. Long may you live Hibernian House.