Saturday, 7 March 2009

Three things better than bad coffee

It is important to have clear goals in life, this is why I spent an hour in the QVB climbing stairwells and descending in gilded cages searching for the loveliest spot. In the end I decided that hanging over the railing on the top floor staring up at the new vermilion walls towards the dome was the best spot of the day.

Pour honey into one of those squeezy red tomato sauce bottles. Take the bottle outside and peer at the honey bubbles through the narrow opening at the tip of the bottle.

Scoop the insides out of a great pie with hot chips. So this whilst sitting on your lounge and watching Father Ted videos.

Like I said its important to have clear goals in life.


cath said...

Arrgh! Sooooo red!!! So very red!! reading in the red makes for very sore head:-)

Dale Slamma said...

Sorry about that.

cath said...

Much much better now. Thankyou:-)