Friday, 20 February 2009

Finally a practical alternative application of the term 'the troops went over the top'

I just misheard the radio. I thought the newsreader said "Eurovision is still refusing to send more troops to Afghanistan".

I thought 'more troops! I didn't know Eurovision had troops', but then my brain kicked in and my beautiful imagined beglittered lycra jumpsuit high hair army vanished. I do not know how I will bear the disappointment.


Gempires said...

I was watching Dexter last night and Dexter said to his sister, "Just because you've decided to give up men, booze and cigarettes..." And I thought, 'man boobs and cigarettes?'

Anonymous said...

These are good things to give up. Give them all up I say. Maybe sneak some booze in on the weekends.

Anonymous said...

Roger declares Gemma and Anon to be right.