Thursday, 23 October 2008

I sail

It rains. The chimney catches air like a phantasm or a ship. I have this idea of weighing anchor and steaming south through wind and rain. I will drop anchor in the vacant block of land next door to The Hive. I am sure they have built something terrible on it by now but when I last walked out of Gemma's front door and crossed the road in search of cake there was nothing but a hole in the ground, three workers sitting on eskys and poorly erected cyclone fencing.

There is room there for The Peach, her deck, a garden and all who sail in her. Spencer will carry his things in boxes and sail onboard The Peach wearing his hat and a guitar. He will then establish himself in a flat in The Hive. My brother will lash ropes round his townhouse and be towed as Ron & Rita row down from the mountains. The Cowboy has attached twin diesel engines to his flat. Robert's house shimmers and slips coordinates with grace at warp speed. Superman will know where to come, he sees all from the Fortress of Solitude.

We are all here. A great fleet pushing south through haunted rain. I am standing on the bow of The Peach, eyes closed against the fierce salt spray.


Gempires said...

Next door is a motel but possibly you are referring to the thing next to the motel. It was a giant hole but now it is a towering monstrous block of something. Offices or flats. Lucky that across the road is just a carpark because if it were some sweet civillian used to their morning sunlight streaming in, they'd be in constant shade by now.

Dale Slamma said...

Ah, they did build something hideous. I am sure I can knock it down using some kind of magics.