Sunday, 19 October 2008


If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you then please come to The Peach and sticky tape my head back on. I am suffering from a case of delusional positivity and a severe lack of sheer panic. It is true that I feel slightly nauseous and have rolling bouts of low to mid level anxiety but given the situation I should be going through underpants at a rate of knots.

Most of the day I undertook constructive and relevant activities in a calm fashion. I have been wishing that I could talk to Superman but The Fortress of Solitude does not have a telephone. I have been wishing to talk to Superman but am quite pleased that I do not find it necessary, I might be developing some kind of fortitude. I did send him an email but I think that is allowed under the rules of um, some kind of imaginary rules of Slammatown?

Sometimes if you are in the middle of a song and you forget the words it is best to just yell "Fuck it! Chorus" and launch into a familiar refrain, Spencer taught me this. That was a distracting thought to distract myself from being frustrated at not saying what it is I want to say. I am not used to not saying what I want to say. Further distracting thoughts are not occurring to me except for hats, pirate hats and unemployed unicorn popcorn vendors in unitards with assault rifles.


Anonymous said...

you are in shock.
although the rest of your reaction is healthier than others could manage.
as i said in the facespazz message,if help is required, i can listen quite well.
although i am quite drunk now.
post 12:00pm would be best.

spencer t. mardo

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Oh dear, Dale. I don't know what's wrong because you're not saying what you want to say, but I guess you're not saying what you want to say because there may well be Consequences. (As there often are, however much we may like to think that blogville is its own special place.) All I can say is I hope things are goodly with you soon.

Dale Slamma said...

Thank you dear Spencer and Baron von Harlot for your kindness. All will be well shortly enough. I am looking forward to the lifting of the embargo.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

If you should need to write a poem about it, I humbly tender the fact that "embargo" rhymes pleasingly with "escargot". Not to make light of your sitch.

nailpolishblues said...

Wow, I didn't even notice there was a problem. I just got a wash of awesome phrasing and a boom-boom-boom in my head. Would you like to borrow some of my fever? It's quite nice in here.

Dale Slamma said...

Nails, yes please. I like a good dose of delirium once in a while. I hope you feel better soon, either that or you continue to enjoy your fever.

Dale Slamma said...

Dear Baron von Harlot,

There once was a woman from Newtown
Who decided to call it spewtown

oh, I can't remember how the meter is supposed to go and I would dearly love to finish with something about the vomit being caused by escargot but the information comes under an embargo. You must imagine that that is just what I did.