Thursday, 7 August 2008

Google maps street view ruined my latent dreams of exploration

Superman has explained to me that I am a white person, he did this using a handy yet hilarious list, this has nothing to do with typewriters or maps.

I keep thinking about maps and all those mad explorers who perished because they followed valleys instead of ridges. Those mad explorers searching for an inland sea. The rivers must run for a reason but I 'm yet to figure it out, gravity doesn't hold much sway with me and the earth might after all be flat or hollow or floating madly in space like a moth at a light.

I've been exploring my explorations. I've got my maps pinned neatly to the wall, my religious green texta ritual highlighting and reducing my stepping thoughts. I'll photograph those maps one day and take out all the lines to see what shape I'm making on this earth but for now it closes my day and stains my fingers.

You can stare at the maps for hours and nothing will be revealed to you. There is no evidence of thought or dress or the rhythm of my footsteps, annotation is not my intention. Its the bare lines of being, things do not always end with revelations.


NWJR said...

I definitely like girls with bangs and coffee, and just yesterday I threatened to move to Canada. I guess I too am white.

Gempires said...

do the girls have to have both bangs and coffee, or do you also like girls with just coffee?

NWJR said...

gempires: That is a most excellent question, one brought on by my lack of proper grammar. Allow me to clarify. I like:

Girls with bangs
Girls with coffee
Girls with bangs and coffee

I'm not particularly fond of bangs alone, as they may be attached to someone with a dubious personality, or even an animal. Lions have bangs, and while I have nothing against lions in general, I am not necessarily attracted to them.

superman said...

Coffee with bangs?