Thursday, 24 July 2008

A free man feels afraid

I recognise myself only in old men or men that were once young. I have poured myself into the remnants of them one syllable at a time. Words escape me or rather I have escaped them. I was walking under that mobile sentence cloud thinking I know what it is to be a dairy cow. Its like letting down milk when the words funnel through from cloud to fingers. Its impossible to be your own farmer opening gates and burying yourself in soil so I became someone else.

I'm Neil Young live at Massey Hall in 1971, I'm Bob Dylan in London, I'm Keith Richards on the floor, I'm my own personal Judas staring down sound and burning books to keep the cat warm. Words have escaped me so I'll plug your headphones in. This is the reverse miracle osmosis of music.


Spatula said...

Ive decided im offended... i dont appear to be in the list of Archive (Arbitrarily) -->
As one of your oldest friends and one who appears high on the list of slammatown's who's who i feel i should appear in this list!
My sister has 62 entries, the cowboy who you barely know has 10 entries... even 'Boring' has 69 entries! what tha!? I request a statistical re-count to put the Spatula on the archival map please

NWJR said...

I'm Neil Young live at Massey Hall in 1971

If you were, I'd totally do you*. If loving Neil's music is wrong, I don't wanna be right. But he's a guy, so for me, he's off limits**.

* With your consent, of course. I'm not a totally obnoxious bastard.

** Not that I'm making any judgements, mind you.

Dale Slamma said...

Well now, that's an interesting thing. I think Neil Young should be compulsory.

Dale Slamma said...

You can't decide to be offended, you are either offended or you aren't. As one of my oldest friends you should be glad that I am respectful of your privacy and made the decision to not write about your private affairs in order to not offend you.