Dale Slamma lives and works in the pulsating slums of Sydney. She edits PAN magazine, miniPAN and contributes to RHUM events & media. She works for a society of scientists but has no usable knowledge of science.

Dale's work has been published in:
Daily Life
Verity La Forum
The Sydney Morning Herald
The Newcastle Law Review
Rabbit Hole Urban Music
SeeSee miscellany volume I
Ocarina #1 and #2
PAN magazine
and here on Dale Slamma and other various blogs, album sleeves and online projects.

Dale has reluctantly participated in radio shows for ABC Radio National and FBI and even more reluctantly read her work at the Sydney Opera House and Penguin Plays Rough.

Dale is uncertain whether she wishes to extend the above list or just write things and then blow them up by dropping miniature bombs from a remotely controlled helicopter.

Write to:
Ms Slamma
PO Box 1003 Newtown
NSW Australia 2042

She'll probably write back.